Saturday, November 6

Me and Marley

You may think I am talking about the book/movie but no, it's Bob.
Bob Marley.
His music soothes me, cures me, and helps me to remember it's a better day, every day. Something most don't know about me is... I always make brownies to Bob Marley music. AL-ways. Today I was making a batch and just as I was about to stir in the chocolate and walnuts, "Stir It Up" came on. Don't cha just love when that happens. I made "Stir It Up" my official Brownie Anthem today.

Listening to Bob, I remembered how I've learned Costa Rican people (Ticos) are very resilient. Rarely do they tell you their problems and if by chance they do confide in you something bad, it's followed with "Pura Vida". Amazing people. So much hardship is endured here on a daily basis. That's what struck me hardest when I moved here. During the rainy season, it is especially hard and unpredicable. Regardless, you will see the Ticos smile. They know Pura Vida.


Jen said...

The people are why we moved here. Why we chose to raise our daughter here. Mmmmmm, brownies. Maybe I'll make some today too. Brownies & Bob Marley sounds like a perfect Sunday. :) HUGS!!!

Lisa said...

I think you'd like the Caribbean! Puerto Viejo is reggae world and Bob Marley is king!

TICA MACHA said...

I'm sure I'd like it! You're very brave!